Corporate Structure

FEMSA operates through the following subsidiaries:

(1) FEMSA has a 20% economic interest in Heineken (consisting of 14.94% of Heineken Holding N.V. and 12.53% of Heineken N.V.)

Coca-Cola FEMSA (47.9% owned) is the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world, accounting for one out of every ten Coca-Cola products sold globally. It has operations in 10 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Central America, Venezuela and Philippines. 

FEMSA Comercio (100% owned) operates OXXO, the largest and fastest-growing chain of small-format stores in Latin America. OXXO has more than 14,061 stores, and it is now one of the largest convenience store chain globally.

Heineken On April 30, 2010, FEMSA announced the closing of the transaction pursuant to which FEMSA agreed to exchange 100% of its beer operations for a 20% economic interest in the Heineken Group.

FEMSA also has other operations, such as logistics and refrigeration operations. Other services include strategic logistics management primarily for FEMSA's subsidiary companies, as well as for external customers.

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