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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of FEMSA consists of 19 members (17 Directors, 1 Secretary and 1 Alternate Secretary) and in accordance with our bylaws and the Mexican Securities Law, at least 25% of the members of our board of directors must be independent. Directors are elected by the shareholders of the company at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting. Each Director is assigned a specific Alternate Director who is authorized to serve on the Board of Directors in the event that the Director is unable to attend meetings or otherwise participate in the activities of the Board of Directors.

Directors and their specific Alternate Directors are appointed for a term of 1 year and are eligible for re-election after the completion of their term in office. The By-Laws of the Company provide that the holders of the FEMSA B Shares may elect at least eleven Directors and the holders of the FEMSA D Shares may elect five Directors.

Since 2001, Jose Antonio Fernandez, the CEO of FEMSA, has presided as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Current members of the Board of Directors:

Series B

José Antonio Fernández Carbajal
Eva María Garza Lagüera Gonda
Paulina Garza Lagüera Gonda
José Fernando Calderón Rojas
Consuelo Garza de Garza
Max Michel Suberville
Alberto Bailleres González
Francisco Javier Fernández Carbajal
Ricardo Guajardo Touché*
Alfredo Livas Cantú*
Bárbara Garza Lagüera Gonda
José Manuel Canal Hernando*

Series D

Armando Garza Sada*
Moisés Naim*
Helmut Paul*
Michael Larson*
Robert E. Denham*

Carlos Eduardo Aldrete Ancira

Alternate Secretary
Arnulfo Eduardo Treviño Garza

Note: * Indicates Independent member